Barren River Lake State Park hosts the Grinch Saturday, Dec. 13, for breakfast

Barren River Lake State Park will host the Grinch for breakfast on Saturday, Dec. 13, and you are invited.
Breakfast and the Grinch will be in the park’s Louie B. Nunn Lodge. It will include a full breakfast buffet, including green eggs and ham, a visit with the Grinch, a reading of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and holiday crafts.
Santa Claus will also be visiting the park from 8:30-11:30 a.m.
Cost is $15 for adults, $10 for children, ages 4-12 (children under 3 are free).
Seatings for Breakfast and the Grinch will be 7:15-8:45 a.m. and 9-10:30 a.m.
There is limited seating and reservations are required.
To make reservations, call 1-800-325-0057 or email

Virtual Tour of Barren River Lake

Visitors can see what Barren River Lake has to offer by taking a Virtual Tour of Barren River Lake.
This tour allows visitors the opportunity to have a 360 degree view of the lakes’ recreation areas, ramps and campgrounds.
The virtual tour is provided by the  U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
(A permanent link to the “Virtual Tour of Barren River Lake” may be found under the “For More Information” column.)
Featured in this interactive tour are:
– a map of Barren River Lake,
– Barren River Lake Dam and Spillway,
– Port Oliver Recreation Area,
Tailwater campground,
– Peninsula ramp and marina,
The Narrows campground, ramp and marina,
Baileys Point campground and ramp,
Barren River Lake State Park campground and lodge,
Walnut Creek campground and ramp,
– Beaver Creek ramp,
– Browns Ford ramp,
– Austin ramp.

Falling lake levels force ramp closures

As the Barren River Lake falls toward Winter Pool (525 ft.), low water levels are causing several ramp closures around the lake.
The lake level is down to 537 ft. and will continue to fall until it reaches Winter Pool.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regulates the water level of the lake by releasing water through the dam to help reduce spring flooding.
– Baileys Point is now a single launch only,
– Boaters must use the extended ramp at Port Oliver Recreation Area.
Additional ramp closures will occur as the water level continues to fall.
– At 536 ft., Browns Ford Ramp will be unusable,
– Old road beds and bridge abutments are navigational hazards until the lake level reaches 532 ft.,
– At 531 ft., Beaver Creek Ramp will be unusable,
– At 530 ft., Walnut Creek and Austin Ramp will be unusable.
For updated water levels, click Barren River Lake and River Levels.
Levels are also available by clicking on “Barren River and Lake Water Levels” in the More Information column at right.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with traditional buffet at Barren River Lake State Park

The Barren River Lake State Park will host its annual Thanksgiving buffet, Nov. 27, in the park’s Driftwood Restaurant.
The buffet will be served beginning at noon.
The Thanksgiving feast will include turkey and dressing, baked ham, fried chicken and carved roast of beef. It will also include soups, cheeses and salads. There will be a variety of vegetables including candied yams, country-style green beans and mashed potatoes with giblet gravy.
The buffet will be $18.49 plus tax (drink included) for adults; $8.49 for children ages 6-12; and children 5 and under are free.
Sorry, no reservations.

Fishermen, hunters should prepare for cold temperatures to avoid hypothermia

As temperatures are predicted to fall this week, fishermen and hunters need to be aware of the risks that are associated with the cold temperatures.
According to the Center for Disease Control, when you are exposed to cold temperatures, your body begins to lose heat faster than it can be produced. Eventually your body will use up its stored energy, and when that happens you are at risk for hypothermia.
In addition to the effects of hypothermia to the body, its most damaging effect can be to the brain. It will not allow the person to think clearly to realize what is happening and not allow them to be able to do anything about it.
Early symptoms of hypothermia are:
– shivering
– fatigue
– loss of coordination
– confusion and disorientation.
Immediately take action:
– move to a warm room or shelter
– remove any wet clothing
– warm the center (chest, neck, head) of the body first
– drink warm beverages
– wrap in warm blanket.

Cold Water Immersion
Immersion hypothermia may occur if a person is falls into cold water.
According to the CDC, immersion hypothermia develops much more quickly than standard hypothermia because water conducts heat away from the body 25 times faster than air.
Immersion hypothermia can occur in any water temperature below 70°F.
If you are going to be on the water: 
– don’t go alone
– wear proper clothing (wool and synthetics and not cotton)
– use a personal flotation device
– have a means of signaling rescuers
– have a means of being retrieved from the water.

Tailwater offers primitive camping

All campgrounds around Barren River Lake are closed for the season, with the exception of the Tailwater campground. It remains open as a primitive site.
Campers may still stay in the Tailwater Campground, but there is no campsite water or electrical service. There are two water spickets available in the campground.
The shower houses have also been closed and only pit toilets are available for use.
There is not a park attendant on duty. Camping is free.
Hunters who may use the Tailwater Campground during the season are reminded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that all weapons must be unloaded in the campground.
The Tailwater campground will reopen for the season April 30.

Barren River Lake State Park offering USA Military Discount to active, former military

The Barren River Lake State Park, along with state parks across the Commonwealth, are offering lodging discounts for active and former members of the U.S. military.
The state parks’ “USA Military Discount” runs this Saturday, Nov. 1, through Tuesday, March 31, 2015.
Active military service members and veterans, members of the National Guard and reservists are eligible for the discount with proof of military service.
With the discount, lodge rooms are Barren River Lake State Park will be $49.95 a night; one-bedroom cottages are $79.95 a night; two-bedroom cottages are $89.95 a night; and three-bedroom cottages are $99.95 per night. Tax is not included.
The same rates will apply at Cumberland Falls, Kentucky Dam Village, Lake Barkley, Lake Cumberland, and Natural Bridge state parks.
The rates at the remaining state parks will be $44.95 a night; one-bedroom cottages are $74.95 a night; two-bedroom cottages are $84.95 a night; and three-bedroom cottages are $94.95 per night. Tax is not included.
The discount cannot be combined with other special offers or discounts offered by the parks system.
Starting in April, military members will be eligible for a 10 percent discount on lodging and camping.

Barren River Lake, dam celebrate 50 years

About 50 people gathered at the Tailwater Spillway Saturday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Barren River Lake and Dam.

About 50 people gathered at the Tailwater Spillway Saturday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Barren River Lake and Dam.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Barren River Lake celebrated the 50th anniversary of Barren River Lake and dam today.
The dam was completed in October, 1964.
About 50 people gathered at the dam Tailwater Spillway to celebrate.
Corps Park Manager Carlos Lopez gave a brief overview of the dam and lake, before inviting the crowd to enjoy cake and punch in honor of the event.
The Friends of Barren River Lake & Park also presented its first Penrod Achievement Award, for the organization’s outstanding volunteer. The winner of the award was its namesake, Bob Penrod, who was instrumental in the founding and sustaining of the Friends organization.
Following the ceremony, there were door prizes, as well as games and activities.
Facts about Barren River Lake and dam, provided by Lopez:
– Dam construction cost was $25 million in October, 1964.
– Dam provides almost $180 million in flood damage protection.
– Corps property, including Barren River Lake, totals 24,669 acres.
– There is a 940 square mile drain area above the dam.
– The Barren River drainage basin is 2,262 square miles.
– Local municipalities average 9 million gallons of treated water from the lake daily.
– There are 11 recreation areas surrounding the lake.
– The lake hosts 1.4 million visitors annually.
– Visitors spend $43+ million annually (within 30 mi. of the lake).
– There are 1,600 shoreline permits on Barren River Lake.
– There are 1,000 privately-owned docks on Barren River Lake.

Barren River Lake and Dam will celebrate 50th Anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 25

The Barren River Lake and Dam are 50 years old, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is celebrating the anniversary Saturday, Oct. 25. The public is invited to the celebration, beginning at 1 p.m., at the Tailwater Stilling Basin, below the dam.
There will be free refreshments, water safety displays, speakers, and prizes (courtesy of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Friends of Barren River Lake & Park). There will also be items raffled: T-shirts, free camping coupons and gift bags. There will be games and activities for children, following the ceremony.
A special invitation is given to anyone who was involved in the dam’s construction. Photos and stories about the construction of the dam are also encouraged and will be shared during the event. People with photos and are asked to call the Corps office at 270-646-2055.
For more information, call Alicia Cannon at the Barren River Lake Corps office at 270-646-2055 or visit the Corps Facebook page at

Geocaching Weekend Oct. 25-26

Barren River Lake State Park will host a Geocaching weekend, Oct. 25-26.
Geocaching is considered a real-world outdoor treasure hunt using GPS-enabled devices.
Special caches will be hidden throughout the park. Hidden caches will be suitable for all levels and types of “cachers.”
A beginner program will be offered, along with a chili dinner after the Saturday night cache hunt.
Registration fees apply.
For more information, contact Jamie Avery at the park, 270-646-2151, or