Before you put your boat in the water, make sure it is in ship shape condition

   With the weather beginning to warm, and crappie beginning to bite, make sure before you put your boat in the water that it is in ship shape condition.
   It is time to take your boat out of winter storage and prepare it for spring, summer and fall on the water.
   Before you put it in the water, you should give your boat a good check up and cleaning to not only prevent problems once you get on the water, but also to ensure safety for you, your passengers and other boaters.
   Discover Boating has compiled a brief, important, list of six important areas to check:
– Fuel System
– Belts, Cables, Hoses
– Electrical System
– Fluid Levels
– Propellers and Hulls
– Safety Gear
   For more more information about these key areas, log on to Springtime Boat Preparation . For a detailed checklist to help get your boat ready for the water this spring, log on to Spring Startup Checklist .

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