Warmer weather producing hot Crappie fishing in covers of Barren River Lake

   Crappie fishing is warming up, just like the weather, at Barren River Lake.
   Crappie are fun to catch and even more fun to eat.
   Successful Crappie fishing is a lot like real estate; it is all about location.
   The Crappie have begun to move from deeper channels into shallower cover areas. And, the warmer the weather gets and stays, the farther away from the channels the Crappie will move, and closer to submerged stumps and brush.
   In addition, to knowing their location, you must determine their depth and what bait is the best.
   During this time of year, Crappie are more likely to suspend more than later in the spring and summer. So, it is important to fish at different depths until you find the depth where the fish are suspending. Once you have determined the optimum depth, fish close to that depth for the best catch. 
   And, the right type of bait will get you a good catch, but a sharp hook will guarantee that you get it into the boat.
   Jigs, grubs and minnows are all considered good Crappie baits. Jigs are easy to use and are versatile; grubs appeal to a wide-variety of Crappie; and minnows are classic Crappie bait.
– What depth and bait are you finding to be the most successful to land your Crappie at Barren River Lake?
– Share photos of your Crappie catch with us at BarrenRiverblog@gmail.com and we will post them on our blog.

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