More rain will send Barren River Lake past Summer Pool, and it is only March 4

   With predictions of a possible 1-3 inches of rain this weekend, the water level at the Barren River Lake may surpass the Summer Pool, and it is only March 4.
   As of Friday, March 4, the level of the Barren River Lake stands at 551.9 feet, which is only 0.1 feet below the Summer Pool, and 26.1 feet above the Winter Pool. The Flood Stage for the Barren River Lake is 590 feet. To check the water level of the Barren River Lake, log on to Barren River Lake water level.
   The water level of the Barren River at Bowling Green has been falling since it crested at 24.o3 feet on Tuesday, March 1. On March 4, it stands at 11.69 ft. at 7:30 a.m. But, it, too, will rise again if the region receives the predicted heavy rains. Flood Stage for the Barren River is 28 feet. To check the water level of the Barren River, log on to Barren River water level.
   Water levels of the Barren River and the Barren River Lake are regulated by the Barren River Dam. The dam, which is 146 feet high, was built in 1960 to reduce flood damage along the river. The dam was designed and constructed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
   The Barren River Lake covers 10,000 acres at Summer Pool, 20,150 acres at the maximum Flood Stage, and has a shoreline of 141 miles.

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