Flooding closes boat ramps on Barren River Lake, changes fishing tournaments

   Flooding at Barren River Lake has forced the closing of two boat ramps and the relocation of this weekend’s fishing tournaments.
   Wednesday, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers closed the Peninsula boat ramp and the Barren River Lake State Park boat ramp.  The Port Oliver Recreation Area ramp is open; however, it is being monitored with the lake level.    
   The boat ramps at Bailey’s Point, Browns Ford, Walnut Creek, Beaver
Creek, Austin, and the Narrows are expected to remain open.  All of these areas are back down only.
   Each ramp, as well as the lake, has debris, and boaters are encouraged to use extreme caution.
   The access sites for the three bass tournaments that are scheduled for this weekend, including the Jacksonian Days Bass Tournament, have been relocated. The Jacksonian Days tournament will go out of the Walnut Creek Boat Ramp, while the remainder of the tournaments go out of Bailey’s Point. For more information, fishermen should contact the tournament director.

UPDATE: APRIL 28, 7:45 a.m.
   The Barren River and Barren River Lake continue to rise after almost 5 inches of rain in the Barren River region in the past seven days, according to the National Weather Service.
   The Barren River level at Bowling Green was running at 25.22 ft., as of 7:45 a.m. CT on Thursday, April 28. However, predictions from the weather service have the river cresting at 31.1 ft. Thursday, which is 3.1 ft. over the river’s flood stage of 28 ft.
   The Barren River Lake level was standing at 569.3 ft., as of 7:45 a.m. CT on Thursday, April 28. Flood stage for the Barren River Lake is 590 ft.
   Follow the rise and fall of the Barren River and Barren River Lake by clicking on Barren River and Lake Water Levels in the For More Information section of the right column.

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