May 2 Update: More Barren River Lake ramps affected by flooding, high water

   The Barren River Lake continues to rise and is expected to continue rising through Thursday, as predictions are calling for another 1-2 in. of rain in the Barren River basin through Tuesday night.
   As the flooding continues, the Army Corp of Engineers has expanded its boat ramp closures as of May 2, in addition to those previously closed. With more rain predicted, more closures are expected. Be sure and check back here for updates. 
To see flood photos, click on Barren River Lake Flooding, Spring 2011

– The Quarry Road Recreation Area at gate (access by parking at overlook)
– Brown’s Ford Boat Ramp
– Austin Boat Ramp 
– Port Oliver Recreation Area and Boat Ramp
– Barren River Lake State Park Boat Ramp
– Peninsula Boat Ramp
– Bailey’s Point B-Loop Campsites
– Bailey’s Point C-Loop Campsites
– The Narrows Marina (until further notice- electrical issues)

– The Narrows Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Beaver Creek Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Bailey’s Point Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Walnut Creek Boat Ramp (back down only)
 – Walnut Creek Marina
– Barren River Lake State Park Marina
– Peninsula Marina (courtesy dock and shuttle available)

   Boaters are urged to use extreme caution during high lake levels; submerged signs, rocks, guy wires, piers and drift can make it unsafe to boat or swim. Ensure your boat is equipped with all required safety equipment and take safety precautions by going slow. Lake levels are still rising and with the potential for more rainfall, water levels can rise rapidly.

Barren River Lake Rising April 25- May 2
April 25      (midnight) 563.92 ft.;     (noon) 564.54 ft.
April 26      (midnight) 564.69 ft.;     (noon) 564.92 ft.
April 27      (midnight) 565.27 ft.;     (noon) 565.98 ft.
April 28      (midnight) 567.48 ft.;     (noon) 569.26 ft.
April 29      (midnight) 570.69 ft.;     (noon) 571.39 ft.
April 30      (midnight) 571.77 ft.;     (noon) 572.07 ft.
May 1          (midnight) 572.28 ft.;     (noon) 572.5 ft.
May 2          (midnight) 572.81 ft.;     (noon) 573.07 ft.;     (6 p.m.) 573.16 ft.
May 4- predicted crest at 574.8 ft.
Summer Pool- 552 ft.
Flood Stage- 590 ft.

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