May 6 Update: Barren River Lake closings

To see flood photos, click on Barren River Lake Flooding, Spring 2011.

– Austin Boat Ramp
– Bailey’s Point B-Loop Campsites
– Bailey’s Point C-Loop Campsites
– Bailey’s Point D-Loop Campsites
– Bailey’s Point E-Loop Campsites (lower level sites)
– Barren River Lake State Park Boat Ramp
– Brown’s Ford Boat Ramp
– Narrows B-Loop Campsites
– Narrows Marina (until further notice- electrical issues)
– Peninsula Boat Ramp
– Port Oliver Recreation Area and Boat Ramp
– Quarry Road Recreation Area at gate (access by parking at overlook)
– Swimming Beaches
– Bailey’s Point Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Bailey’s Point A-Loop Campsites
– Bailey’s Point E-Loop Campsites (upper level sites)
– Bailey’s Point F-Loop Campsites
– Barren River Lake State Park Marina
– Beaver Creek Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Beaver Creek Campsites
– Narrows Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Narrows A-Loop Campsites
– Peninsula Marina (courtesy dock and shuttle available)
– Tailwater Campsites
– Walnut Creek Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Walnut Creek Marina

* according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, May 6, 2011.

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