Barren River Lake flooding, hidden and floating debris call for safety precautions

   With the Barren River Lake still 22 ft. above summer pool (552 ft.), many objects and structures that are normally visible and above water are now below the water line. Many other items have been washed into the lake and are floating.
   With the Memorial Day weekend nearing, and an increase in boaters on the lake, there are several precautions that should be taken:
* Boaters visiting Barren River Lake should slow down and be extra cautious to avoid objects you would not normally expect in the water.
* When boating near the shore, beware of hidden underwater hazards. Look for submerged sign posts, guy wires and other structures often found above water and a safe distance on shore.
* Watch out for submerged trees and stumps that are normally on dry ground.
* Be aware that floating logs, trees, trash and debris of all sizes can be anywhere in the lake for the next month or so.
* Have an observer in the boat when possible, always wear a life jacket and use your kill switch.
* Avoid boating at night.  Obstructions are even more difficult to see.
   Be safe on the lake this holiday and every day, but if there is an emergency, Call 911 for assistance.

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