Barren River Lake openings / closings revised June 13 by Corps of Engineers

   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Barren River Lake announced Monday, June 13, that with the continued falling of the Barren River Lake that a number of recreation areas have reopened.
   As of 6 a.m. CT, June 13, the Barren River Lake stood at about 17 ft. above summer pool. The lake level is falling about 5.5 in. every 24 hours and will continue to do so, barring any large amounts of rain.
   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates that the lake will reach summer pool by Wednesday, July 20, with little or no added rainfall.
   For more information, please call the Barren River Lake, Corps of Engineers Office, at 270/646-2055 or visit them on Facebook at Barren River Lake – US Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District or check for updates on this site. 


– Bailey’s Point B9-B59 Campsites
– Peninsula Boat Ramp
– Port Oliver Recreation Area (Ramp open)
– Swimming Beaches
– Bailey’s Point Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Bailey’s Point Campsites (except B9-B59)
– Barren River Lake State Park Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Barren River Lake State Park Marina
– Beaver Creek Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Beaver Creek Campsites
– Browns Ford Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Narrows Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Narrows Campsites
– Narrows Marina
– Peninsula Marina (courtesy dock and shuttle available)
– Port Oliver Recreation Area Boat Ramp (shallow incline ramp, back down only)
– Port Oliver Recreation Area Picnic Shelter (set to open Friday, June 17)
– Quarry Road Recreation Area (picnic and fishing only)
– Tailwater Campsites
– Walnut Creek Boat Ramp (back down only)
– Walnut Creek Campsites
– Walnut Creek Marina

   The Corps urges boaters to use extreme caution during high lake levels; submerged signs, rocks, guy wires, piers and drift can make it unsafe to boat or swim. Ensure your boat is equipped with all required safety equipment and take safety precautions by going slow.
   The high lake levels will recede slowly and it will be several weeks before all recreation areas are fully operational. Please come to the lake prepared. Ensure your boat has with all required safety equipment and then follow safety precautions by going slow, watch for drift and debris and ALWAYS wear your life jacket.


  1. Todd C says:

    Any updates on openings/closings at Baileys Point?

    • Clay says:

      Sorry, I am responding so late. Spent the week with the Mouse in Orlando. Now, that I am back. The lake is about 14 ft. above summer pool. I am optimistic that Bailey’s Point will be open by July 4 weekend. I am expecting an update from the Corps on Monday. I will post it as soon as I know something.

  2. Ralph says:

    Will Quarry Rd be open this weekend for swimming?

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