Barren River Lake July 4 fireworks will get help from Papa John’s Pizza sales

   How about some pizza for supper?
   How about some pizza for supper from Papa John’s?
   How about some pizza from Papa John’s that will support the July 4 fireworks?
   That’s right, Thursday, June 16, the Glasgow Papa John’s Pizza will be donating a portion of its revenue to insure that the July 4 celebration at the Barren River Lake State Resort Park will include fireworks.
   The fireworks over Barren River Lake are one of the highlights of the summer season and the July 4 holiday on the lake. Viewers come from around the region to watch the fireworks and celebrate independence.
   The Friends of Barren River Lake have funded the fireworks at the park, since the state cut the annual fireworks from the budget. So, Thursday, June 16, the Papa John’s is helping the Friends of Barren River Lake, Inc., raise money for the annual fireworks.
   Everyone can help fund the fireworks by ordering pizza from Papa John’s on Thursday, June 16, from 4 p.m. until 8 p.m.
   Order your Papa John’s Pizza either through their web server at, by telephone at 651-7775 or on your smart phone app.
   Papa John’s will donate 20% of sales to the Friends of Barren River Lake so they can light the fireworks at Barren River Lake on July 4.

   If you are unable to purchase a pizza from Papa John’s Thursday, June 16, you can still make a contribution to the fireworks at Barren River Lake on July 4, by sending money and/or check to:
Friends of Barren River Lake
P.O. Box 213
Glasgow, KY  42141

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