Fish and Wildlife, Crime Stoppers join for prosecuting wildlife crimes: 781-CLUE

   The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources has joined forces with South Central Kentucky Crime Stoppers to aid in the reporting of fish and wildlife crimes in and around Barren River and the Barren River Lake.
   In addition, people who report the crimes may receive rewards of up to $1,000, based on the the use of their tips to successfully prosecute those responsible.
   The South Central Kentucky Crime Stoppers has been receiving  tips to aid in criminal prosecution for over 20 years.
   To provide a tip about a crime, callers may call 781-CLUE (2583) or toll-free 866-842-CLUE (2583).
      Remember Crime Stoppers does not use Caller ID or record telephone calls. Callers remain anonymous.  
   These numbers do not replace the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources’ 1-800-25-ALERT (25378) number that may also be used to provide tips to wildlife crimes or report hunting or fishing violations.

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