Barren River Lake State Park beach closed for the remainder of the year

   The Barren River Lake State Resort Park beach will be closed for the remainder of the season.
   Resort Park Manager Lisa Davis said that the combination of high water, along with the cleanup and restoration of the facilities and beach is not feasible or fiscally responsible.
   She said that once the lake returns to summer pool (552 ft.), the park would then have to clean up the beach, sanitize the bath house and replace the sand before the beach could open. Davis said that replacing the sand alone will cost the state about $7,000.
   With the lake expected to return to summer pool on Aug. 1, she said that the season would only have about two weeks remaining after the necessary clean up and renovations.
   As of 9 a.m. CT, the lake measured 557 ft. or 5 ft. above summer pool (552 ft.). The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has the dam gates open at .65 tenths and the lake is falling about 5 inches every 24 hours. At that rate, and no unusual rain fall before then, the lake should reach summer pool by Aug. 1.
   As for the remaining beaches on Barren River Lake, they remain closed. The Corps has not made a final decision as to their opening this season. However, if the beaches do open, they probably will not open until mid-August, after they are cleaned up and renovated, as well.

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