Best fishing may be found in moving waters during the “dog days” of summer

By Don Ingram  
   During the “dog days” of summer, concentrate your fishing on rivers and streams.
   Bodies of water that have current moving through them offer the best angling opportunities. Moving water has more oxygen content than water standing still, causing fish to be more active.
   Look for objects that break the current and cause eddies. Fish will
position behind the objects and use the current to feed. Fish position behind objects in the deeper water and ambush food as the current washes prey downstream.
   Whether you’re wading or in a boat, the angle of the cast is critical. Cast upstream and retrieve the lure with the current. This practice creates a natural presentation as if the current was washing the food to the fish
   If I am fishing in water four feet or shallower, I use a 6’0 G-Loomis, NRX medium heavy action rod and Shimano Curado reel with 12 to 15 pound CXX P-Line. I start with a 3/ 8 spinnerbait and use a 30 minute rule. If I use a lure for 30 minutes and haven’t gotten a bite, I change the color of the lure. If the spinnerbait fails to produce a strike, I switch to a 100 series Bandit crankbait in a shad coloration or if the water is extremely dingy, a chartreuse/black back coloration.
   If the fish are inactive and the spinnerbait and crankbait fail to produce, I slow down and cast a 3/8 ounce Lunker Lure casting jig with a Prowler trailer or a Texas rigged worm. I rig the worm on Mustad 3/0 soft plastic hook and a 3/16 ounce sinker. The slower presentation will usually entice a strike. If you’re ever in doubt about which technique to use, slow down and cast a jig or worm.
   Another proven technique that works extremely well during the summer months is floating a worm or soft shad. Texas rig a worm or soft shad on a Mustad 3/0 hook. Cast the worm around logs and under over hanging trees or shaded areas. Twitch the lure slowly as it is retrieved to entice a strike.
   One factor remains constant; all fish must eat to survive. If you are angling during the summer months and aren’t catching anything then change lures or presentations. Fish are creatures of habit and will feed if presented with the right opportunity.

Don Ingram publishes an outdoor article entitled “Outdoors with Don Ingram” that is printed in various publications throughout Kentucky. He is a two-time All-American qualifier. Don has been very successful competing in tournaments in Kentucky and Tennessee. He has appeared on numerous outdoor television programs like, “Kentucky Afield,” Walmart’s “Great Outdoors,” and “Outdoors with Dave Shuffett,” aired on the Outdoor Life Network and the Outdoor Channel. Don is a Pro Staffer for the following companies: Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Shimano G-Loomis Rods, Bandit Bait Company, Prowler Soft Plastics, Mustad, Optima Batteries, Lunker Lure, and P-Line.

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