Dept. of Fish and Wildlife offering “Ringtones Gone Wild” for cell phones

My apologies.
This blog is not “exactly” about the Barren River or the Barren River Lake or the communities that surround them. However, it is about the creatures that inhabit the forests and woodlands that surround them (yes, this is a stretch, but work with me).
While looking at the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife web site, I discovered, Ringtones Gone Wild, Authentic Sounds of Kentucky Wildlife for Your Cell Phone. It has 41 (yes, 41) different sounds of Kentucky wildlife, and all FREE, which makes this even better. And, it even gives detailed instructions on how to download them to your cell phone.
Well, some are not exactly Kentucky wildlife, unless you count Kentucky Afield’s Tim Farmer, wildlife. Or, the Kentucky Afield theme music, a nice bluegrass piece.
OK, in addition to the six Kentucky Afield tones, the tones range from an American Robin to a Wood Thrush, and practically every other kind of wildlife in between.
Here are some of my favorites, the Elk Bugle, Geese, Bear-Angry, Wild Turkey, Bobwhite Quail, and Bullfrog, just to name a few. I really like them all, but I can’t list them all.
And, for you Kentucky fans, there is a Wildcat Growl ringtone. For you Louisville fans, there is a Cardinal ringtone, as well. Sorry, WKU fans, there is not Big Red ringtone.
I hope you take the time to go to the site and pick your favorite ringtone. Drop me a comment and let me know which one is your favorite.

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