Barren River Lake Trashmaster’s Classic Sept. 17 needs pontoon boats, volunteers

   The 24th annual Trashmaster’s Classic Lakeshore Cleanup at Barren River Lake is this Saturday, Sept. 17, from 8 – 11:45 a.m.
   Volunteers will scour the 10,000 acres of federal land and hundreds more acres of floodplain around Barren River Lake in search of trash to clean it up.
   Last year, 648 volunteers picked up 1,055 bags of trash and 122 tires.
    All types of boats, especially pontoon boats, are needed to help shuttle volunteers and bagged trash to and from the shoreline.
   The following ramps need pontoon boat drivers: Walnut Creek, Beaver Creek, the State Park, the Narrows, Peninsula, Port Oliver, and Bailey’s Point.
   Pontoon volunteers also must have the correct number of life jackets for their boat capacity. Extra life jackets will be available from the Corps of Engineers at each ramp.
   To cover the cost of gas, the Friends of Barren River Lake are providing $30 gift cards for reimbursement, or you can choose a free two nights camping coupon from the Corps of Engineers!
   Volunteers are needed to gather at any of the following ramps, Walnut Creek, Beaver Creek, the State Park, the Narrows, Peninsula, Port Oliver, and Bailey’s Point where they will be shuttled to cleanup locations.
   Volunteer safety is important.
   They should wear sturdy shoes or boots, long pants, long sleeves, a hat and sunglasses. A canteen or bottled water is usually necessary, especially if the weather is warm. A backpack to carry your gear might be handy as well. Trash bags, insect repellant, and tape for your pants legs will be provided. Don’t forget gloves.
   Volunteers will be the guests of honor at a party at 12:15 p.m. at the Barren River Lake State Park Beach.
   The volunteers will listen to live music provided by Mike Shea and Friends, be treated to a cook-out, and PB&J’s from Smuckers. They will also be able to visit exhibits and watch the prize board to see if they have the lucky number that might win several raffle prizes.

Call 270-646-2055 to sign up your boat and more information.

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