Rattletraps are fall favorite of largemouth, smallmouth and Kentucky bass

By Don Ingram
   Rattletraps are excellent lures to catch fall largemouth, smallmouth, and Kentucky bass. Rattletraps can be purchased in all shapes, sizes, and colors and can be worked at all different depth ranges depending on the speed of the retrieve.
   During fall, bass will be roaming on main lake and creek flats chasing shad. As water temperatures fall, bass will utilize creek channels, ditches, gullies, and even small depressions across flats to feed. They position in the depressions and chase shad into the shallow water pinning them against the banks.
   Rattletraps are excellent fall lures because they allow an angler to cover a lot of water in search of the best areas or depressions holding several fish.
   Look for main lake or creek flats that have gullies or depressions that run from deep water to the shallows. A depression with a foot or two foot depth change can be enough for fish to use as a migration route or road to the shallows.
   Once a gulley or depression has been located, start fishing the 8 foot depth range first. Concentrate your efforts on the depression by slowly retrieving a rattletrap down the center of the depression keeping it just off the bottom. Fan cast to each side of the depression, repeat the retrieve, and slowly work toward the shallower water.
   I use a 6’8 medium heavy action GLoomis rod and a Shimano reel with a 7:1 gear ratio. Use bright colors in stained water and shad colorations in clear water.
   The single most important factor to remember is replace the original hooks on the lure with Mustad Triple Grip hooks. By replacing the original hooks an angler will significantly increase the chances of landing a huge fall largemouth.
   Understanding how fish relate to changing conditions in their environment will drastically increase your chances of catching more fish.
   What separates good fishermen from great fishermen is the ability to analyze and remember why fish were caught during one trip and not another.

Don Ingram publishes an outdoor article entitled “Outdoors with Don Ingram” that is printed in various publications throughout Kentucky. He is a two-time All-American qualifier. Don has been very successful competing in tournaments in Kentucky and Tennessee. He has appeared on numerous outdoor television programs like, “Kentucky Afield,” Walmart’s “Great Outdoors,” and “Outdoors with Dave Shuffett,” aired on the Outdoor Life Network and the Outdoor Channel. Don is a Pro Staffer for the following companies: Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Shimano G-Loomis Rods, Bandit Bait Company, Prowler Soft Plastics, Mustad, Optima Batteries, Lunker Lure, and P-Line.

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