Barren River Lake State Park hosts a “Taste of Italy” on Thursday, Sept. 29

   Barren River Lake State Park will offer diners a “Taste of Italy” this Thursday, Sept. 29, as the third destination on the park’s “Taste of Europe” series of fine dining. The Driftwood Restaurant in the Louie B. Nunn Lodge will be serving the Italian menu from 5-9 p.m.
   The cost of the buffet is $14.95, drink and tax are not included.
   The series will conclude Oct. 6 with a “Taste of Germany.”
Arrosto all’Arancio
– Pork roast with orange is the perfect dish, impressive, extravagant, great tasting.
Pesce all’ Aqua Pazza or Acquapazza (meaning “crazy water”)The catch of the day was sautéed in seawater together with tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil.
Pollo alla CacciatoraiChicken braised in white wine, garlic, herbs and tomatoes.
Saltimbocca alla RomanaA tender veal cutlet sautéed in olive oil and served with mushrooms, prosciutto and sage.
Spaghetti alla CarbonaraA classic Roman pasta dish that incorporates bacon, eggs, Romano cheese and shallots and white wine.
Gnocchi gnudi (Naked gnocchi)From Tuscany made of ricotta cheese and spinach in Pesto.
Pasta con i Funghi e PiselliPasta with mushrooms and peas.
Risotto con gli AsparagiRisotto can be flavored with all kinds of ingredients. Asparagus is a perfect complement to risotto. The delicate taste of asparagus blends perfectly with the cheese, and the decoration with the asparagus spears makes for a spectacular presentation.
Melanzane a Funghetto– Eggplants in the style of small mushrooms, because the same technique used for sauteing mushrooms is used here.
Carotine al Burro– Butter sautéed baby carrots are tender and full of taste.
Verdure Grigliate e Marinate– Grilled marinated vegetables.
Caprese– Salad of fresh mozzarella, ripe tomatoes, and tender basil leaves.
Pasta e Ceci– Chickpea soup is flavored with garlic and rosemary is one of the oldest recipes in Roman cooking.
Minestra Maritata– Minestra Maritata literally translates as “Married Soup,” and it is called “Italian Wedding Soup”. All the ingredients “si sposano,” they blend or “marry” well together, hence the name. The soup is made by combining together a very strong meat broth with vegetables.
Il Tiramisu’ Legittimo delle Beccherie– The original Tiramisu recipe from Le Beccherie. The first known recipe for the original Tiramisu from the restaurant Le Beccherie. This is the earliest known recipe for Tiramisu. There is no previous record of another Tiramisu recipe.
Panforte– Tuscan Spiced Fruitcake from Siena.
Torta di Zabaione– Zabaione, also known in France as Sabayon, is simple custard that can be served as a dessert by itself. In this case Zabaione (Sabayon) is the main component of this delicious layered cake.

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