Waterfowl blinds site drawings for Barren River Lake are set for Saturday, Oct. 1

   The waterfowl blinds site drawings for Barren River Lake are set for Saturday, Oct. 1, from 7-9 a.m., at the Barren River Lake U.S. Army Corps of Engineers office, located next to the dam, on Hwy. 252.  
   Hunters interested in participating in the drawings for waterfowl blind sites must be at least 18 years of age. They must possess a valid 2011-2012 Kentucky hunting license, a Kentucky waterfowl permit and a federal migratory bird permit (duck stamp) at the time of the drawing. For more information on how to obtain hunting licenses and permits, log on to Kentucky hunting licenses and permits.
   Hunters drawn for blinds on Barren River Lake are responsible for locating, preparing and maintaining the blind site for the duration of the 2011-2012 waterfowl seasons.
   Each drawn hunter may select a co-owner of the blind site for use in the absence of the hunter drawn. The co-owner must be present at the drawing.
   Hunters may construct a permanent blind, use a boat or use a portable blind. Regardless, each blind site must be permanently pinned with a permanent marker identifying permit holders for the site.
   Those hunters selected hold first rights for use of the blind site, but these blinds sites open to public use if the selected hunters are not in the blinds by 30 minutes before shooting time.
   The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources manages, regulates, enforces and promotes responsible use of all fish and wildlife species, their habitats, public wildlife areas and waterways for the benefit of those resources and for public enjoyment.
   Kentucky Fish and Wildlife is an agency of the Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet. For more information, log on to Kentucky waterfowl.

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