Colors of autumn invade Barren River

   Red, brown, orange, tan, yellow- the colors of autumn. 
   Foliage around Barren River, Barren River Lake and the rest of the Commonwealth is changing with impressive colors announcing the arrival of autumn.
   And, with the foliage changes comes the annual  2011 edition of the ColorFall program, coordinated by the Kentucky Department of Travel and Tourism and the Kentucky Department of Parks.
   The ColorFall program features a website that offers a variety of information about the state’s fall foliage.
   In its 26th year, ColorFall provides reports on stages of leaf changes across the Commonwealth, from state parks to federal parks. It also provides Fall Facts, naturalists’ Blog Posts on foliage status from across the state, links to Special Events of the season and an opportunity to share your own digital Photos of fall travels on the site.
   ColorFall is available through Oct. 31.
   The Weather Channel also provides a National Fall Foliage Map, that may be narrowed to regions, including South Central Kentucky.

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