With campgrounds closed, temperatures falling, time to winterize your camper

   With the Barren River Lake campgrounds closed for the season, it is time to winterize your camper.
   Here are a few things to do, to guarantee your camper will be ready when the weather warms again and you are ready for another camping  season.
* Drain all holding tanks.
* Drain your water heater.
* Pump RV Antifreeze into water lines. RV Antifreeze only!
* Remove all perishables.
* Clean the refrigerator.
* Remove televisions and other  appliances that will be damaged due to cold.
* Wash your RV outside. 
* Clean the inside of your RV.
* Check for rust.
* Cover the front tongue jack.
* Be sure all propane tanks are turned OFF.
* Remove your battery, unless you can leave your RV plugged in.
* Cover the camper roof.
* Elevate your front jacks to keep one end taller than the other.
* Inspect the camper on a regular basis during the winter.
   For more information, click How to Winterize Your RV.

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