Applications for hunting Sandhill Cranes at Barren River Lake available Nov. 15

   The lottery application for Kentucky’s first hunting season on Sandhill Cranes at Barren River Lake will begin Tuesday, Nov. 15, and be open to applications until Wednesday, Nov. 30.
   Interested applicants will need to apply for the hunt on the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources Online License and Permit Agent site.
   There will be a $3 charge to apply for this drawing. 
   From those that apply, there will be a maximum of 400 sportsmen and sportswomen selected to participate in the hunt via electronic randomized drawing. 
   Everyone applying must have a valid Kentucky hunting license or be license exempt pursuant to KRS 150.170.  This drawing will occur on or before the close of business on Monday, Dec. 5.
   The hunting season for Sandhill Cranes will begin Dec. 17, and continue until Jan. 15, 2012, or until the harvest of 400 cranes, whichever comes first. 
   Successful applicants will need to complete and pass an online identification exam before they will be issued a permit.
   Permit holders will receive tags to harvest two Sandhill Cranes during the season and will be required to Telecheck cranes the day of harvest.
   Hunters will also be required to monitor the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources website daily for notices of season closure and notifications of the presence of Whooping Cranes in Kentucky.
   For additional information, click Kentucky’s Sandhill Crane Hunting Season.

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