Crappie fishing depends on the weather

By Don Ingram
   Crappie fishing in November and December is as easy as watching the weather. November and December are months with varying weather conditions. Watch the weather and pick and choose the best days to search for crappie.
   The best days are the ones where the weather has been above 60 degrees for three or four straight days. The consistent weather conditions will have allowed the fish positioned on the edge of the channels to slowly start moving toward the cover in the shallower areas.
   Look for treetops, stumps, and brush piles on the flats close to the old river and creek channels. Crappie will position on the cover closest to the channels and will position on the shallow cover adjacent to deep water.
   The longer the temperatures remain warm, the further the fish will move from the river and creek channels. The best areas to look for are areas with cover adjacent to a huge flat.
   Because crappie will tend to suspend more during this time of year, the best technique to use is simply a floater rigged with a small crappie jig or minnow. Once you have located an area and cover to fish, start by setting the floater at a certain depth and fish around the cover.
   I start with several rods with floaters rigged at different depths until I identify the depth range the majority of the crappie are holding. Once the depth range has been identified, concentrate on that range to maximize your time and increase your chances of catching more crappie.
   Jig color seems to be more important in the spring than any other time of the year. Experiment with different color jigs until your determine which color produces the most bites.
   By watching the weather and following a few simple rules concerning the migration routes used by the fish, you can increase your chances of having a successful day on the water.

Don Ingram publishes an outdoor article entitled “Outdoors with Don Ingram” that is printed in various publications throughout Kentucky. He is a two-time All-American qualifier. Don has been very successful competing in tournaments in Kentucky and Tennessee. He has appeared on numerous outdoor television programs like, “Kentucky Afield,” Walmart’s “Great Outdoors,” and “Outdoors with Dave Shuffett,” aired on the Outdoor Life Network and the Outdoor Channel. Don is a Pro Staffer for the following companies: Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Shimano G-Loomis Rods, Bandit Bait Company, Prowler Soft Plastics, Mustad, Optima Batteries, Lunker Lure, and P-Line.

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  1. Russ says:

    Went crappie fishing today, 11/28 below the dam, in a few of my favorite eddies. Fished from around 8:00am till around noon and wound up with 13 nice crappie and thru back as many small ones. When I took them home and fileted them I noticed there were 3 that looked like they had been, at one time or another, attacked by gar. Is it my imagination or are the gar becoming more prevalent in the river? The river had been running .8 for several days and I was using a 1/16oz. cabin creek jig (chartruse) with a pearl metal flake tail. Its my favorite. I fished the jig 5 foot deep under a bobber or strike indicator, depending on which side of the fly rod you stand. I enjoy your crappie fishing articles, please feel free to write more of the crappie ones.

    Thanks for listening,


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