Sandhill Crane viewing weekends will continue despite new hunting season

   According to James Bruggers’ blog, Watchdog Earth, the annual Sandhill Cranes guided viewing weekends at Barren River Lake State Park will continue one weekend each in January and February, despite the new hunting season for the birds.
   Kentucky state parks spokesman Gill Lawson told Bruggers that the viewing weekends will return the weekends of Jan. 21-22 and Feb. 17-18, 2012.
    Last year, the Sandhill Crane viewing weekends consisted of two trips to view the cranes- either a morning sunrise trip or a sunset trip each day. The morning trip took viewers to the roosting site before sunrise to experience the cranes leaving their roosts as they journeyed to nearby cornfields for the day. The sunset trip allowed viewers to see the birds in the cornfields and ended at the roosting site. Each was led by naturalists from the Kentucky Department of Parks.
      The hunting season for Sandhill Cranes will begin Dec. 17, and continue until Jan. 15, 2012, or until the harvest of 400 cranes, whichever comes first.
   For additional information, click Kentucky’s Sandhill Crane Hunting Season.

James Bruggers writes the blog, Watchdog Earth, for theCourier-Journal in Louisville.

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