As winter weather finally approaches, here are 10 tips for cold weather fishing

   It looks as if the unseasonably warm weather that we have experienced around the Barren River Lake region may be coming to an end this week as temperatures are set to drop below freezing and snow is possible over the lake.
Weather Forecast.
   However, cold weather and a little snow can’t keep a good fisherman off the lake. But, it does help to be prepared to “face the elements” when out on the lake this time of year.
Ed Harp of Bassmaster provides these 10 Tips for Fishing in Cold Weather.
1.  Start dry.
2.  Stay dry.
3.  Avoid cotton.
4.  Dress in layers.
5.  Protect your extremities.
6   Keep your head warm.
7.  Know your limit.
8.  Don’t ever fish alone.
9.  Safety comes first.
10. Catch a lot of fish.
For the entire article, click 10 Tips for Fishing in Cold Weather.

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  1. Greg says:

    this is great advice! I have always caught more fish in the colder months then when its warm at barren….

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