Only 39 Sandhill Cranes harvested so far

   The first season for hunting Sandhill Cranes had netted 39, as of noon Friday, Jan. 13, according to the the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, based on hunter reporting. The season ends Sunday, Jan. 15.
   Hunters are allowed a two-Sandhill Crane per day bag limit and an overall harvest not to exceed 400 Sandhill Cranes, during the 30-day season, Dec. 17-Jan. 15.
   A total of 332 hunters were selected by lottery drawing to participate in this inaugural season.
   The birds are regular visitors to the Barren River Lake region during their annual migration, December-February, and the center of attention during the annual Sandhill Crane Nature Watch Weekends, hosted by the Barren River Lake State Park.
   The proposal, in its simplest form, calls for a three-year period, beginning with the 2011-2012 hunting season.
   Hunters are required to complete a survey at the end of the season for Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources analysis. The number of permits issued and surveys would then be used to monitor the population size and make sure the harvest level does not exceed the predetermined level.
   To read the proposal, click on Sandhill Crane Hunting Proposal.
Sandhill Crane Viewing Weekends
    Barren River Lake State Park will host Sandhill Cranes Viewing Weekends Jan. 20-21 and Feb. 17-18, 2012.

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