Thank You! to 29,121 visitors to our site

   Today, marks the first anniversary of
   And, what a fantastic first year it has been.
   In our first year, BarrenRiverblog has had 29,121 visitors.
   And, we have produced 205 blogs, plus photos and deals.
   However, none of this would have been possible without you.
   Thank you for reading the blog and for submitting information.
   But, especially thank you to the businesses that sponsor the blog and make it possible- Barren River Realty, Halton, The Narrow Way Bed and Breakfast, Sawyers Marine, and Windy Cove Cabin Rental. If you would like to sponsor in 2012, please drop us a message at
   We look forward to continuing to serve you and remain the number one source of information about the Barren River and Barren River Lake.
   THANK YOU, again!

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