Take a hike! to see the Sandhill Cranes at Barren River Lake State Park on Feb. 4

   The annual Barren River Lake State Park Sandhill Crane Hike is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 4, with a meetup set for 12:30 p.m. at the Fairview Plaza Shopping Center in Bowling Green or meetup at the state park lodge at 1:15 p.m.
   The Bowling Green Hike Meetup is organizing the event. 
   The hike will be just over 5 miles, as it is scheduled to incorporate:
Connell Nature Trail- 1 mile looped nature trail with a soil and root surface, easy to moderate trail rating.
Lena Madesin Trail- 1/2 mile, looped, interpretive nature trail with a soil floor. It is a self-guided trail rated easy-moderate.
Paved Bike and Hike Trail- 2.5 mile looped trail with an asphalt surface, the trail would be rated easy-moderate with a few strenous hills.
– Peter’s Creek Trail- 1.2 mile looped trail with a soil surface, this trail is an easy-moderate rated trail.
   For more information about the trails, click on Barren River Lake State Park Trails
   The estimated hike time is 3 hours, and the hike is listed as moderate in difficulty.

With rain in the forecast for Saturday, an official call on whether or not to postpone the hike will be made Saturday morning.  Click on the Barren River Lake State Park Sandhill Crane Hike site for the official call.
   If unable to have the hike Feb. 4, it will be postponed (probably until Feb 25 or 26). However, the organization will still have a get together in Bowling Green for those who still want to grab dinner and hang out Saturday evening.

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