Quarry Road Recreation Area closed during March following dam maintenance

   The Quarry Road Recreation Area, next to the Barren River Lake Dam, is expected to remain closed through March. 
   It was closed in February to allow the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to replace rip rap rock along the face of the dam, according to Corps park manager Carlos Lopez. It is expected to remain closed through March until the park’s pavement can be resurfaced.
   Lopez said that the Corps realized that the pavement would be impacted during the repairs. However, the repairs had to be done and this time of year was the best time to do it. But, paving is dependent on the resumption of asphalt plant production, which is reliant on warmer weather. 
   The replacement of rip rap rock is done as needed on the dam, Lopez said. The rock weathers and needs replacing from time to time, he said.
Bailey’s Point Campground Opens April 20
   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will open the Bailey’s Point Campground on April 20. You can make reservations by clicking Bailey’s Point Reservations.

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