Fishing goes “high tech” with mapping

The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources regularly builds and places fish attractors around Barren River Lake, as well as other lakes across the Commonwealth.
Among the various attractors are weighted brush  piles, recycled Christmas trees, stake beds, shoreline tree cuts, log piles, and wooden, PVC and plastic pallet stacks.
Now the KDFWR has mapped the locations of the fish attractors to assist fishermen even further.
Using Google map, the KDFWR has mapped brush, brush reef, tree cut, recycled Christmas tree, and stake bed fish attractors that have been placed in Barren River Lake.
The map is a satellite photograph of Barren River Lake with an overlay of icons representing the style of fish attractor and its appropriate location. In addition, one can click on a specific icon and a display box will reveal the type of fish attractor, as well as its latitude and longitude.
See it for yourself, click Barren River Lake Fish Attractors.

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