Barren River Lake struggling to make summer pool by April 15 target date

   Barren River Lake is struggling to make summer pool (552 ft.) by the April 15 target date. As of today, April 10, the lake level is at 540 ft.
   Barren River Lake and Barren River Water Levels 
   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has been holding water for almost a month, but below normal rainfall has left the lake about 12 ft. below summer pool. The region is about 2.5 inches below the average rainfall for this time of year. 
   However, it was about this same time last year that the rains began, giving the Barren River Lake basin between 10-12 inches of rain in a 30-day period, causing severe flooding and the closing of recreation areas, docks, campgrounds and the Barren River Lake State Park beach for the entire season.
   Barren River Lake Weather

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