Oh, the difference a week makes

   With the help of an average of 3.5 in. of rain in the Barren River Lake basin this past weekend, the Barren River Lake is beginning to rise toward its summer pool of 552 ft.
   The deficit of 10 ft. below summer pool last Friday, May 11, has narrowed to almost 5 ft. below the desired level for this time of year.
Barren River Lake Levels (all recorded at noon)
542.71 ft. – Friday, May 11
542.74 ft. – Saturday, May 12
542.86 ft. – Sunday, May 13
544.42 ft. – Monday, May 14
545.95 ft. – Tuesday, May 15
546.46 ft. – Wednesday, May 16
546.75 ft. – Thursday, May 17
546.92 ft. – Friday, May 18
547.1 ft. – Saturday, May 19
547.2 ft. – Sunday, May 20
   For more details, click Barren River Lake levels.
   The dam is releasing the minimal amount of 50 cubic ft. of water per second, which is required to supply communities and wildlife downstream.
   The top photo is the Port Oliver Recreation Area picnic pavilion from atop the dam on Friday, May 18, while the bottom photo is of the same pavilion, but on Friday, May 7.

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