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   If you don’t already, you should follow BarrenRiverblog on Twitter.
   Twitter provides short, brief bursts of information.
   And, BarrenRiverblog on Twitter provides information that you need to know (i.e. weather updates, reminders and information about posted blogs).
   Example #1: This week, with the changing weather, BarrenRiverblog on Twitter has been giving a lot of weather updates. 
   Current BarrenRiverblog tweets (that’s what they call them) can also be read on this blog (see right column). is for detailed information and photos, while BarrenRiverblog on Twitter is for quick messages (limited to 140 characters).
Example #2: I will be posting on BarrenRiverblog on Twitter from the Barren River Lake State Park July 4 fireworks, but will wait until I get home to post a story with photos on
   Thanks for reading, and I hope that you will join me at BarrenRiverblog on Twitter.  

How To
   It is simple.
   – Click on BarrenRiverblog on Twitter and click on Follow.
   – If you already have a Twitter account, it will ask you to sign in.
   – If you don’t have an account, it will ask you to establish one (real simple). It will ask you for full name, email address, password, and a user name.

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