“Dog Days” may be best to catch bass

   With temperatures hovering around 100 and the humidity rising, we are definitely in the “Dog Days” of summer. Yep, those days when you would rather be sippin’ ice tea under your air conditioner, than on the lake trying to find the “big one” that got away.
   It may be hard to believe, but the “Dog Days” may be the best days to catch bass.  
  But, according to Jim Porter @ BassFishin.com, in his article, “Are the ‘Dog-Days of Summer’ just another excuse?” the Dog Days may be some of the best times to catch bass.
   In his article, he debunks such myths as:
Myth #1: Bass stop feeding in hot weather.
   “It is a physical impossibility for a fish to cease to feed during hot weather. In fact, a bass should feed more during the Summer months than at any other time.”
   Myth #2: In hot weather, bass always go to deep water.
     “The majority of largemouth bass on a typical southern or mid-western reservoir might tend to spend their days and nights at a depth range of 10-18 feet, with occasional excursions to the shallow cover areas and food shelves to feed. Bass do not normally go deeper than this during the Summer months. And, 10-18 feet is not normally considered to be `deep’ water.”
   “Second, escaping from the heat is no problem for a bass and really doesn’t enter into a Summer fishing scenario.”
Myth #3: Bass have certain temperature preferences and will always adhere to them.
   “A bass usually seems to disregard temperature factors in favor of staying near a food supply.”
   “Accordingly, the bass follows the food source as the waters warm and it moves away from the shallow zones.”
   Porter concludes by saying- 
   “One great truism of bass angling notes that “Catching fish is easy; finding them is the hard part.” The wisdom of this statement holds regardless of the season, the waters fished, the angler, and all the fine equipment in the World.”
   “We would logically choose an active lure to attract the active fish. This basically describes a diving, lipped crank plug pulled with a fast retrieve. In fact, this type lure has proven to be the most effective method for taking large quantities of largemouth bass during the heat of mid-Summer. The only requirement is that the angler get it down to the fish.”
   “Remember, during hot weather, a rapidly-fished lure is always vastly more productive than one presented slowly. Plus, we will be able to make more casts during the day. Every cast is a potential ten-pounder!”
   To read all of Jim Porter’s article, “Are the ‘Dog-Days of Summer’ just another excuse?”, just click on this link

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