Barren River Lake State Park will host program on Perseids meteor shower

   Barren River Lake State Park will host a program on the Perseids meteor shower on Saturday, Aug. 11. It will be provided by the Louisville Astronomical Society.
   The afternoon and evening will be full of activities in preparation of the viewing of the meteor shower later that night.
   At 4 p.m., everyone is invited to make a shooting star craft at the bottom floor of the Louie B. Nunn Lodge.
   A literature and lecture session on the Perseids meteor shower will be at 6:30 p.m. in the lodge.
   After the lecture, there will be a karaoke party where you can be a “Barren River Star,” while waiting for the sun to set, and the real stars to come out.
   The park provides several areas (away from city lights) from which to observe the Perseids meteor shower.
   A meteor show is a significant increase in the number of meteors or shooting stars that are visible.
   Most meteor showers are created from a comet’s debris as it orbits the sun. When the earth travels through the debris stream, a meteor shower is visible.
   Meteor showers are often named for the constellation from which they appear to originate in. Therefore, the Perseid meteor shower is thus called due to its apparent origination in the constellation Perseus.
   The best time to observe peak activity (average 60 meteors per hour) is between midnight and dawn’s early light.
   For more information, contact Jamie Avery at or 1-800-325-0057.

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