Floatation Citations issued for ice cream!

   Persons receiving a Floatation Citation on Barren River Lake will receive ice cream.
   The first Floatation Citation was issued on July 4.
   Since then, park rangers with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have issued several, and will continue to do so through the Labor Day holiday.
   Ranger Jon Fillingham issued the first Floatation Citation to a child wearing a life jacket, while swimming.  
   Rangers are issuing Floatation Citations to visiting children at Barren River
Lake who are caught wearing their life jackets, when regulation requirements do not require them to do so, such as while swimming or while playing near the water.
   The Corps of Engineers at Barren River Lake, partnering with the Friends of Barren River Lake & Park and The Landing at Port Oliver, are working to bring this unique program to the lake.
   Children receiving a Floatation Citation will receive a a free soft serve ice cream cone at The Landing at Port Oliver store, located near the Barren River Lake Dam.
   Park rangers hope that the program encourages visiting children and parents to be safe and wear their life jackets while on the water, even during times when the law does not require it.

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