Art exhibit includes recycled materials to support Sept. 15 Trashmaster’s Classic

   Area artists have created works of art from recycled materials to support the Sept. 15 Trashmaster’s Classic on Barren River Lake.
   “Support Trashmasters” is the Arts Guild of the Barrens exhibit on display in the Stonehaven Gallery at Barren River Lake State Park.
   Artists are showing their appreciation and support for the clean-up efforts of the Friends of Barren River Lake by displaying artwork that reflects environmental awareness and preservation.
   Subject matter goes from abstract collages to realistic drawings of old rusty cars and boats to the majestic scene of the red, white and blue American Freedom train which was refurbished and traveled across the US railways in 1976 and again in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks of 2001.
   Using a variety of mediums on some very unusual surfaces, the artists have repurposed bone, receipts, cork, plastic bottles, ceiling tiles, beads, wax, fabric, candy wrappers, and watch pieces.
   All of the art is for sale with a portion of the proceeds going to help support and enhance Barren River Lake.
   The 25th Annual Trashmasters Classic takes place on Saturday, Sept. 15.
   During the past 24 years, volunteers gathered over 218 tons of trash (430,000 pounds) thus improving the lake and shore for both wildlife and recreation.
   Volunteer groups show up on the third Saturday in September to pitch in for the shoreline cleanup. Groups include Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, businesses, families, civic organizations, houseboat owners, recreational boaters, campers, tourists, and the list goes on and includes everybody.
   Following the cleanup from 8 a.m.-noon, a celebration for all participants will take place with free food and great prizes.
   To make 2012 the best year yet, assistance is needed from area businesses and civic organizations in Allen County, Barren County and Warren County.
   For information on how you can support this effort, call 270-646-2055.

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