Barren River Lake draw down to winter pool may be delayed until after Oct. 15

   With Barren River Lake still below summer pool, the winter draw down scheduled to begin Sept. 15, may be delayed until sometime after Oct. 15.
   Despite recent significant rains, Barren River Lake stands at 550.32 ft., almost 2 ft. below summer pool of 552 ft.
   Barren River and Barren River Lake Levels
   Annually, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers begins releasing water from the lake on Sept. 15 to draw down the lake to 525 ft. (winter pool), in preparation for winter and spring rains that would raise the lake up to the summer pool of 552 ft.
   However, with this spring and summer’s low rainfall, the lake did not reach summer pool level, thus causing swimming beach closings and hazardous boating due to low water.
   The Barren River Lake summer pool level of 552 is designated as the ideal level, where all swimming beaches, ramps and campgrounds would be open.
   Prior to this year, Barren River Lake has exceeded the summer pool level and caused flooding and closures to the beaches, ramps and campgrounds.

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