Barren River Lake winter draw down began Oct. 15 to winter pool of 525 ft.

   The winter draw down of Barren River Lake began today, Oct. 15.
   Barren River Lake never reached summer pool of 552 ft. this year, forcing the draw down to be delayed until Oct. 15. The lake was only able to rise to just over 551 ft. at its highest this summer.
   Annually, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers begins releasing water from the lake on Sept. 15 to draw down the lake to 525 ft. (winter pool), in preparation for winter and spring rains that would raise the lake up to the summer pool of 552 ft.
   The discharge rate Oct. 15 began at 900 cubic feet per second at the dam, gates at the tower were open 2 tenths, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
Barren River and Barren River Lake Levels

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