Barren River Lake State Park will host Geocaching Weekend, Oct. 27-28

   Set that GPS system to Barren River Lake State Resort Park and join the park for this family-friendly event of geocaching during the weekend of Oct. 27-28.
   What is Geocaching?
   Geocaching is much like treasure hunting. However, participants are given the location of the cache (treasure)  in the form of latitude and longitude coordinates. Participants then use a GPS (global positioning system) to locate them. Unfortunately, the treasures are not worth near as much as a real treasure.
   Many participants enjoy hiding the caches as much fun as finding them.
   This fun weekend of “caching” at the park allows you to meet new friends and will help you learn more about this adventure sport.
   Special caches will be hidden for you to find that are suitable for all levels and types of “cachers.”
   Programs include a beginner’s session, the Amazing Cache Race and Caching for Clues.
   Enjoy a chili dinner after the spooky night cache hunt.  Events begin at 8 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 27. 
   Registration is $10 for adults and $5 for ages 12 and under. 
   Ask about helping hide some temporary caches for this event on the park Thursday and Friday. 
   Contact Jamie Avery at 1-800-325-0057 or for more information.

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