Barren River Lake drawdown delayed

   Barren River Lake’s drawdown has been delayed and the target date to reach winter pool (525 ft.) has been extended by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
   The target date to reach winter pool is traditionally Dec. 15.
   Barren River Lake, at 10 a.m. CT Nov. 28, stood at 534.25 ft., just over 9 ft. above winter pool. Currently, the lake is falling 1-2 inches per 24-hour period, independent of rain totals.
Barren River Lake Level
   In addition, Green, Nolin and Rough rivers’ drawdowns have also been delayed, as has their target date to reach winter pool.
   The drawdowns have been delayed to the first two weeks of December by the Corps to allow better navigation along the lower Ohio and Mississippi rivers by compensating for a forecasted decline in the Missouri River flow.
   This was a decision made by the Corps at the Great Lakes and Ohio River Division level, not at the individual lakes.
   This will be a short-term, temporary change, according to the Corps.

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