It is Winter! Time to winterize your boat!

   Today is the first day of Winter.
   So, what a better time to winterize your boat.
   With temperatures dropping into the 20s, it is time to think about winterizing your boat.
   Here are some winterization tips gathered from and its article from Seaworthy Magazine, “Who needs to winterize?”
Winterization Tips for Boats Stored Ashore
– Review your particular boat’s owners manual for complete winterization.
– Storage ashore is better over the life of a boat.
– However, boats surrounded by air are more vulnerable to a sudden freeze than boats surrounded by water.
– Remove all seating, equipment, electronic devices, etc. from the boat and store in a dry, warm place. 
– Make sure that the hull is adequately supported.
– Pull all plugs and drain water.
– Change the oil.
– Replace the fuel filters.
– Prepare the engine’s cooling system for cold temperatures.
– Remove water pump’s rubber impeller.
– Check transmission fluid; if milky, drain and replace.
– To prevent theft, take the outboard off and store it in your garage or basement.
– Disconnect the fuel line from the tank, start the motor, and inject fogging fluid into the carburetor.
– Remove the spark plugs; clean and replace any that look worn.
– Clean the fuel pump filter.
– Lubricate carburetor and choke linkage, cam follower, starter spindle, throttle shaft bearings, and gears.
– Outboard lower unit should be drained and new gear oil added.
– Refurbish or replace prop.
– Top off the fuel tank and add stabilizer.
– If using a tarp or canvas cover, it should circulate air and not allow pooling on the cover. also provides a valuable Winterization Worksheet for boaters.

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