Whitewater rafting enthusiasts will apply for grant to build course on Barren River

   Whitewater enthusiasts have decided to apply for a federal grant that will be used to create a whitewater rafting park on the Barren River at Bowling Green.
   The Bowling Green Riverfront Foundation  announced earlier ths week that it would apply for a Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery grant, which could total $8 million.
   The deadline to submit a pre-application for the grant is Feb. 22.
   This is not the first time that a whitewater park has been discussed for Bowling Green. A previous plan, supported by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, failed due to a lack of funding.
   This plan would use six small dams to help create a Class II or Class III whitewater course in the quarter-mile sectionof the Barren River.

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