Teens rescued on Barren River

   Two teenagers were rescued from the Barren River, near Bowling Green, early this morning when their fishing trip ended on the rocks.
   Zack Sowders, 16, and Gage Lee, 16, both of Bowling Green, found themselves stranded among the rocks of the Barren River, near Louisville Road in Bowling Green, after the motor on their boat quit and the boat overturned on the rocks.
   Sowders and Gage were able to right their boat and were later rescued.
   A rescue worker from the Bowling Green Fire Department, who was attempting to supply the teens with lifejackets, also had to be rescued after he lost his footing.
      The Bowling Green Fire Department, the Bowling Green-Warren County Rescue Department, along with the Medical Center EMS and the Bowling Green Police Department assisted in the rescue.
   For photos of the rescue, click on BGDailynews.com.

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