Barren River Lake boaters BEWARE!

Barren River Lake Driftwood

   Barren River Lake boaters are encouraged to use extreme caution this spring as heavy rains and the rising lake have produced a variety of hazards, in particularly driftwood.
   Depending on which way the wind is blowing,  many ramps around the lake are “log-jammed” with driftwood, which makes putting boats in/out hazardous.
   In addition, driftwood may be seen floating around the lake.
   With rain predicted on Wednesday, as well as Saturday and Sunday, more wood is expected to make its way into the lake.
   Boaters are always encouraged to wear their PFDs and use safety on the lake, but especially during this time of year with all of the debris in the lake.
Lake Nearing Summer Pool
   As of 9:15 p.m., Barren River Lake stood at 549.96 ft. Summer Pool is 552 ft. To follow the lake’s rising, click on Barren River and Lake Water Levels.

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