Barren River Lake swimming beaches closed for Memorial Day weekend

   Due to high water levels, all Barren River Lake swimming beaches will be closed during the Memorial Day weekend.
   However, all boat ramps and campgrounds are open.
   Boaters are encouraged to use caution using the ramps due to the high water. Boaters are also encouraged to wear life jackets while on the lake.
   Due to the rains and runoff, there is a large amount of debris in the lake, both on the surface and just below.   
   Heavy spring rains have moved the lake level to over 11 ft. (563.11 ft.) above summer pool of 552 ft. The lake crested at 564 ft. on May 14.
   (But, as I write at 7:30 a.m., Sunday, May 19, it is raining again.)

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