Barren River Lake State Park beach will NOT open for fourth consecutive year

   The Barren River Lake State Park beach will NOT open this year, marking the fourth consecutive year that the beach has been closed.
   State park manager Lisa Davis said that high lake levels this spring have damaged the beach.
   This is the fourth year in a row that the state park beach has not been open. The beach was not open last year due to low water levels, while the previous two years the beach was closed due to high lake levels.
   The lake level must be at summer pool (552 ft.) for the beach to open.
   The lake crested at 564 ft. on May 14, but has fallen to 555 ft. as of today.
   The beach annually opens Memorial Day weekend and closes Labor Day weekend.

Quarry Road, Beaver Creek Beaches

   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is preparing to open its beaches (Quarry Road Recreation Area, Beaver Creek Recreation Area) when the lake reaches summer pool (552 ft.). However, until that time, the beaches will remain closed.
   Watch here for the announcement of the Corps’ beach openings.

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