Barren River Lake swimming beaches open just in time for hot summer weather

   The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Barren River Lake have opened beaches at Quarry Road, Narrows Campground, and Baileys Point, just in time for summer’s hot weather.
    The Quarry Road Beach, next to the dam, is open. However, the island will remain closed until Friday, June 21, for additional cleanup and maintenance. Admission to the Quarry Road Beach is $1 per person, up to $4 per vehicle.
   The Narrows Campground Beach is open, but muddy. The Corps will replenish the sand at the beach as soon as possible.
   Baileys Point Swim Areas are also open.
   The Beaver Creek Beach remains closed for cleanup.

Barren River Lake State Park Beach
   The Barren River Lake State Park Beach will not open this summer, due to extensive cleanup and mainteance.

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  1. Adam says:

    I just stay at Baileys Point Were is the beach?

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