Rain or Shine: Barren River Lake July 4 Fireworks Show will explode over lake

   The July 4 Fireworks Show at Barren River Lake State Park will go on rain or shine.
   The fireworks, sponsored by The Friends of Barren River Lake & Park, will light up the sky around 9 p.m., according to Jane Rutledge, the organization’s president. The only weather that would postpone the show would be high winds, she said.
   While the fireworks can be seen from around the lake, most visitors gather on the hillside behind the park’s Louie B. Nunn Lodge and tennis courts. Others watch the fireworks show from boats.
   For a $10 donation to the Friends of Barren River Lake & Park, visitors can view the fireworks without ever leaving their car by parking at the beach area, which provides an upclose view of the fireworks. (The $10 fee is per vehicle and is for one parking space only). All proceeds go to the Friends of Barren River Lake & Park.
   Visitors are encouraged to arrive early for parking due to the high volume of traffic and limited parking availability. Anyone arriving after 8:30 p.m. will be parked in the Glasgow Highland Field area, which is a 1½-mile walk to the lodge.
   Exit from the park will be the same as last year, with the park’s road being all one way (exit) with the left lane traffic turning only toward Glasgow and the right lane traffic turning only toward Scottsville.
   No sparklers or other fireworks are allowed in the park.
   The remaining events at the Barren River Lake State Park on July 4 are weather permitting:
10 a.m.- Create a constellation chart of the stars, that will actually glow-in-the-dark after being exposed to the sun. This arts and crafts session will be at the shuffleboard courts next to the park’s Louie B. Nunn Lodge.
1 p.m.- Make a tie-dye T-shirt sporting the red, white and blue. Join your friends at the shuffleboard courts next to the lodge to create an original T-shirt (cost $8; $3 if you bring your own shirt).     
4 p.m.- It is the annual Whatever Floats Your Boat competition, where teams take cardboard and duct tape and create a boat that will float (with a passenger) the length of the lodge pool. Teams will race their boats against others for the coveted crown of Best Boat.
5 p.m.- Jenny Lu and the Klassic Krew will perform classic oldies and country under the tennis courts’ shelter, as preparation begins for the annual Fireworks Show.
6:30 p.m.- Show your American spirit with an All-American red, white and blue tatoo. Tattoos (temporary) will be available in the lodge’s lobby.
    For more information on these events, contact Jamie Avery at jamie.avery@ky.gov or 1-800-325-0057.

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