Rain, flooding closes beaches

   Due to heavy rains, Barren River Lake has risen almost 4 ft. above summer pool (552 ft.) and begun flooding low areas, forcing the closure of the lake’s beaches (Quarry Road, Beaver Creek, Narrows, Baileys Point).
   According to the National Weather Service Precipitation Map, the Barren River Lake region has received between 4-7 ins. of rain over the four days.
   The heavy amounts of rain have caused minor flooding, to date. In addition to beach closures, boat ramps and parking lots have also been effected. Boaters are also warned about debris floating in the lake, as well as just below the surface.
   As of 6 a.m. Saturday, July 6, Barren River Lake stood at 555.49 ft., above summer pool, and it is expected to continue to rise as the rain continues to fall.
Lake Levels
Monday, July 1, Noon- 552.26 ft.
Tuesday, July 2, Noon- 552.51 ft.
Wednesday, July 3, Noon- 552.50 ft.
Thursday, July 4, Noon- 552.34 ft.
Friday, July 5, Noon 553.43 ft.
Saturday, July 6, Midnight 554.72 ft.
Saturday, July 6, 6 a.m. 555.49 ft.
Saturday, July 6, Noon 556.47 ft. (predicted).

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