KMBA has opened bike/running trail along Barren River in Bowling Green

   The Southwest Kentucky Mountain Bike Association has opened its Low Hollow Trail in the Weldon Peete Park, next to the Barren River in Bowling Green.
   The trail is 2.6 miles and took 14 months and over 1,000 volunteer hours to complete.
   It has already hosted a trail run (Low Hollow Trail 5K Run), and plans include future events, such as a mountain bike time trial race and a cyclocross race.
   The multi-purpose trail may be used for mountain biking, hiking and trail running.
   The trail is open to the public, weather permitting.
   The trail is the first piece of a proposed concept known as the Barren River Outdoor Center. The Bowling Green Riverfront Foundation created the concept, with the conceptual plan consisting of the mountain bike trail, a pump track, a bouldering area, and a whitewater course.

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